Friday, September 10, 2010


if ART Gallery and Mary Pauline Projects, Augusta, Ga., present

Six Artists From if ART Gallery, Columbia, SC
Jeff Donovan – Philip Morsberger – Edward Rice – Laura Spong – Mike Williams – David Yaghjian
September 17 – 26, 2010
@ The Old Academy of Richmond County
540 Telfair St.
Augusta, Ga. 

Opening Reception: Fri., Sept. 17, 5 – 7 pm.
Hours: 10 am – 5 pm daily.

The third annual Westobou Festival in Augusta, Ga., will feature six artists from if ART Gallery. With Augusta's Mary Pauline Projects, if ART presents the artist through a group exhibition as well as demonstrations, studio talks and other presentations. The events schedule is below. Columbia artists Jeff Donovan, Laura Spong, Mike Williams and David Yaghjian each also will be in residence for four days during the festival at The Old Academy of Richmond County, 540 Telfair St., where the exhibition, too, takes place. The remaining artist involved in the project are Augusta's Philip Morsberger and North Augusta's Edward Rice. Morsberger is the Westobou Festival's signature artist.

For more information on the Westobou Festival, CLICK HERE.
Westobou Festival if ART Gallery Artists' Events:
– Sept. 17, 5 pm: Mike Williams painting demonstration, 540 Telfair St.
– Sept. 18, 5 pm: David Yaghjian artist talk with wine and cheese, moderated by if ART's             
                          Wim Roefs, 540 Telfair St.
– Sept. 19, 3 pm: Architecture tour with Edward Rice, starting at the Morris Museum of Art, 1 
                          10th St., Augusta. Join Rice for a tour of buildings in Augusta featured in his  
– Sept. 20, 11 am – 2 pm: Open Studio with Mike Williams and David Yaghjian, 540 Telfair St.
– Sept. 22, 11 am – 2 pm: Open Studio with Laura Spong and Jeff Donovan, 540 Telfair St.
– Sept. 23, Noon: Jeff Donovan ceramics demonstration, Gertrude Herbert Institute, 506 
                          Telfair St., Augusta.
– Sept. 24, 6 pm: Morsberger Mania at the Morris Museum of Art, 1 10th St., Augusta.
– Sept. 25, 3 pm: Laura Spong artist talk with wine and cheese, moderated by if ART's Wim 
For more information, call Wim Roefs at (803) 238-2351.

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