Saturday, August 29, 2009

COLOR FIELDS, FORMS & FRACTURES Installation Pictures.

For information about the exhibition, CLICK HERE.

Philip Morsberger, Katie Walker, Ashlynn Browning,
Don Zurlo.

Paul Yanko, Philip Morsberger, Ashlynn Browning,
Katie Walker, Tom Stanley.

Philip Morsberger and Paul Reed.

Katie Walker, Tom Stanley, Ashlynn Browning,
Don Zurlo

Katie Walker and Tom Stanley

Philip Morsberger, Don Zurlo, Tom Stanley, Katie Walker,
Paul Yanko, Ashlynn Browning

Philip Morsberger

Front: Katie Walker and Philip Morsberger.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


To see new paintings by Dorothy Netherland now available at if ART Gallery,

Dorothy Netherland's paintings are painted and silkscreened on the back of glass. The new paintings consist of three sheets of glass.

Installation Shots of Contemporary Carolina Abstraction II