Monday, November 30, 2009

100 under 1000:
if ARTworks for $999 and less

On the ground floor of if ART Gallery, find hundreds of artworks from $150 to $999 by dozens of gallery artists.
Dec. 3 – 24, 2009

Open Christmas Eve until 7 p.m.

Below, underneath the pics, is a video of the exhibition installation; the background music is Graham Parker and the Rumour playing "I Want You Back" by The Jackson Five.
(For Parker talking about that cover, click here.)

Click on these artists' names in the right column to find examples of artworks for $999 and less: Albert, Baldwin, Blair, Burdick, Chapp, Chesley, Donovan, Garrett, Gelbert, Gilkerson, Harris, Hartmann, Jackson, Korsten, Leamon, Lenzo, Mahrlein, Miller, Netherland, Novo, Orselli, Overend, Redwine, Reed, Rudolf, Salentijn, Spong, Stanley, Tedesco, Thornton, Walker, Williams, Yaghjian D, Yaghjian E, Yanko & Zurlo.

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